Thursday, May 7, 2009


What is baptism all about? Some church denoms baptize when you are born to ensure your place in heaven when you die. Some don't. Why? Because it's unnecessary.
Baptism was never supposed to be for salvation or a place in heaven. Baptism is simply the first step of obedience to God Almighty after we are born again. Not to say we don't start obeying Him when we become Christians, because we do. It's just that baptism is the symbol of what you have gone through with Christ. He died on the Cross, was buried in the tomb, and on the 3rd day rose again. Baptism symbolizes this. When we walk into the baptistry or whatever body of water we are baptized in that represents our death with Christ. When we are immersed, that represents our burial with Him. When we are brought back out of the water, that represents our being made a new creation to walk in newness of life, raised again with Him.

It was never for making a place in heaven, but the first step of obedience with Him.

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