Sunday, May 3, 2009

Should a Christian celebrate Passover?

When Israel left Egypt they were told to put lambs blood over the posts and lintels of their doors. They were also told to eat a passover lamb. In the yearly celebration they were told to do certain rituals which were all pictures of Christ Jesus.

No we should not celebrate Passover the way the Jew does. We celebrate Passover in a different way. We celebrate the Resurrection of the Passover Lamb Who was slain for us because of our sins. We celebrate Him with communion. He is the Bread of Life that the unlevened bread pointed to. He is the Passover Lamb the God slew on that fateful Passover. He is the ultimate Passover Feast that we are to "eat" and celebrate.

With Him on the posts and lintels of the door of our hearts God will Pass Over us just as it was in Israel on that final night in Egypt. Israel put the blood of the lamb on the posts and lintels of their doors and God passed over in a perfect picture of what He would do so many years later.

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