Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's not God's job

A while back a friend, turned his back on God. Why? Because he said he didn't feel like God was there for him.
He said that because God wasn't there for him, then he didn't see any point in continually asking a God who apparently didn't care about him, to help him and give him what he needed to make it through each day.

My question is this:
Why do so many people say that they are leaving Him like that?
Yes, God said He wouldn't leave or forsake us, and that He would supply our needs, but He also said "if you'll obey My commands".
He is not our servant. He will sustain us, yes, but He will not bow to us, or hearken to us just cause we ask Him to. His job is simply to be our Master and to sustain what He created. Simple as that. It is OUR job to serve HIM.
If anyone has any right to "leave because he isn't there" it's Him. How many of us slap Him in the face with our disobedience? How many times has He taken it with Grace and forgiven us, and still blessed us when we didn't deserve it?
Why should God even care about us? We are evil, and completely foolish and lazy sheep. We run and we let our pride take over.
Yet God is so patient and loving that He forgives us.

He will bless us with riches beyond our imagination...but we must serve Him obediently. He rewards the obedient servant, and chastises the stray. That is how we grow.

I think it is foolish arrogance to think that God is cool with our running away "cause He isn't there". It's not His job to be there. It's OURS.

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