Friday, July 22, 2011

Bad Things and Good People

The age old question "How could a loving God allow such heinous things happen to good people?" has been asked and asked and asked...

The question itself is who's standard are we judging what is "good" that we are good people? Murderers? Rapists? People like Hitler or Nero? Indeed these are evil people. But who is to say that we won't get some wild hair on someone and murder someone, or go nuts and rape someone? Who is to say that our president won't become a leader like Hitler? The fact is that every person on this earth has the potential to commit such is a hard truth to face, but truth nonetheless. So instead of asking how a loving God can allow bad things to happen to good people, perhaps we should ask "How can a good and perfect God who knows no sin, allow people who have this evil potential to live?" Or better yet, if you truly want to focus on the happenings and the reason, why not ask "What is God's plan in this horrid crime against me?"

Look at Job. His whole life was stripped out from under him...he lost his family, his crops, his cattle, his home, his land, and his health...
Job thought it good to question God...of course he wanted answers. He had done nothing to deserve any of that. However, God questioned him instead. The point in God questioning him was not to tell him that he didn't have a right to question him but to humble him and make him understand that God is in control, and knows well what He is doing, and if we allow ourselves to grow in the pain, we will come out shining.

Then there is Joseph...his own brothers sold him into slavery for 30 pieces of silver, then he was wrongfully accused of raping his master's wife, and jailed. Finally God revealed His plan...He saved all the middle east and his own family through his brother's evil acts against him, and Israel was able to grow into a great people in Egypt.

The fact of the matter in all of God's allowing of evil is that although we don't always know why or understand, the point is always for our growth, and if we try to see it that way, much like exercise hurts but greatly benefits, we will come out shining like a diamond.


  1. ok will try this for the last time- I get what yiour saying but am really curious as to the answer to why babies/children get beatin/killed and rapped- what could possibly be the reasoning behind this?- please dont tell me "we will know in the end" as this is not a real answer to me :) thanks bro

  2. I love this question...that answer is actually in the blog post ;) We don't know God's reasoning for everything He allows, however everything He allows is to make us stronger, no matter what it is.
    Children getting beaten, killed, raped...the action is really no different than people getting murdered, women getting raped, or other such things. The heart of man is an evil thing with the potential for good...that is how I look at it. We all do evil acts so easily that we are surprised at ourselves for committing the act...doesn't matter what it is.
    The reason God allows such heinous acts is because if He didn't, He couldn't allow us to come to Him on our terms.....It goes back to the beginning and the fall of man...God knew man would sin and still created him. God even knew how bad that sin would get (rape, murder, etc) and He still created man. Why? Love, free will...Had He not done this, allowing for such acts, and allowing for us to turn our backs on Him and hate Him, we could, in no way, come to Him on our terms and love Him from our hearts. There would be no free will, and the love would be forced. To allow for love, God had to allow hate. It's when we come to Him and allow Him to renew our lives and kill the evil in us that we really begin to understand Him, and develop a relationship with Him.
    One other isn't so much what happens to us that's how we react.

  3. Dang that shoulda been another blog post lol

  4. I thought this was th blog- i get it now, its a post from the blog. Im inclined to disagree and stick with my theory that you catch mor flies with honey, murder & rape of anybody does not make me want to love God.- we can discuss on skpe one day :) gonna go find the actual whole blog and give it a read. thanks bro :)

  5. remind me to get spell check-lol

  6. Oh I am not saying that sin of any kind is there to make you want to love God...I'm saying that without the potential for evil, there can't be any good..had God not allowed sin, there could have been no possibility of us coming to Him and loving Him on our isn't sin that makes us love Him...That is between God and has to do with Free Will. Free will cannot truly exist without both good and evil.

  7. "had God not allowed sin, there could have been no possibility of us coming to Him and loving him on our terme""... hmmm, so just in case nobody noticed him he thought he would reek havok to get the attention he wanted? and whosays good could not live without evil- that has come about due to the fact that not all are evil- maybe he should of settled with everyone being happy and not bad and loving him instead of questioning him-

  8. I wish I had seen this before...
    It goes back to the beginning..the fall...God created all things good...there was no evil. Man brought evil into the world...not God. God simply created the potential for it so that we would have the ability to either turn our back, or turn to Him. If you think about it, that is really what love is someone the choice of slapping you in the face, or giving you a hug.....and then giving His life for us when we slapped Him..