Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is It God's Fault?

Lately I have heard people say that they hate God, or they are angry at Him because there are those little ones of His that are dying, or abused, or otherwise hurt. Today I read a comment from a mother who is very angry, and honestly I cannot say that I blame her in the least for her anger, at God, saying that although we pray for her son, no medication, or surgery, or prayer seems to be working for her child. Her little one is dying and doctors are saying that there is nothing more they can do for him, and if they did do anything it would only prolong the inevitable, and may even make his condition worse. This mother is, in my honest opinion, right to be angry. I would be if it were my son, and I am honestly angry because my child has, albeit relatively very minor, an infirmity of her own that could end up causing her to become blind if we don't put her through what we have to put her through. I am very angry about this, but in comparison this is nothing because her life is not threatened in any way.
But is any of this to be blamed on God? What is He doing? Why is He allowing this to happen? Why is this child dying and He seems to be simply sitting there doing nothing, not healing this little one, or even helping him? Did his mom do something wrong? Did his dad? This child is a baby so obviously he could never have done anything wrong. So why is this child being seemingly punished? Why is he dying?
Perhaps instead of asking why this is happening...perhaps instead of blaming God for this, maybe we should remember that God understands exactly what this mom is going through. Think about this: We are all HIS children and so many of us reject Him. When we die without Him, we can never again have His sustenance, provision, or any other thing He gladly gives us in this life. It is because of Him that we live, and when we die without Him, He has eternally lost us. Think of the millions of people who have died and had to be separated from Him. This on top of the fact that God's own Son also died so He understands what this mom is going through far better than even she understands it. She has a chance to see her son again if she has faith in Him. There are those children of His that He (and we) will never see again. Perhaps we should remember this fact when He "allows" a child to die---which in fact He does NOT allow. Remember also we have an adversary, who is God's worst enemy and whenever a child of His is hurting in any way, that adversary is laughing.

That being said, I know this sounds harsh...and I ask your forgiveness for that, but my point is that God understands the pain these parents feel far better than these parents can fathom. Put your faith in Him. He understands.

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